now or never

Chalet Bansko

3400 € | 2 months

Villa in Balkans obtained a unique face. FOXARTBOX team made a compact landing page with booking option, recognizable logo and facilities icons.

Chocolana online shop

3500 € | 3 months

Website for the pastry shop «Chocolana» with the ability to create a personalized chocolate set. Food photography, design and programming.

Villa Pirin Golf

2500 € | 1 month

Elegant design solution for a premium villa booking. Web-site presentes facilities and gives an overview of the main features.

P3week forum

7800 € | 4 months

International forum web site on the topic of cooperation between the state and private business (public-private enterprise). A redesign of the existing site was made in order to improve usability.

Vaast architect

5000 € | 2 months

A laconic style web-site, presenting an architectural bureau projects.